From the first glance to the last dance we won't miss a moment of your important day. Except for that moment the drunk groomsman pulls me aside and says that key phrase, "I've got something you need to take a picture of." Yeah, we'll miss that moment. You're welcome!


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From those wee morning hours getting ready to your last dance we'll take care of you. This is your day and it should be carefree and fun, not spent worrying about how to squeeze in everything you want pictures of. We are pros after all and can help figure out exactly what you need. We've been to more weddings than you have and usually answer the questions you didn't even know you should be asking. 

Our approach to wedding photography isn't just taking a good picture. We want your favorite aunt or best friend who wasn't able to come to be able to sit down and look at your pictures and feel like they were there. We capture moments to last a lifetime. If you are into super stylized trendy photos we probably aren't the right  fit for you. Not that we can't do that we just believe a good image can stand the test of time, the only thing that will look dated in 20 years are your clothes not your photograph. Everyone remembers those photos from the 70's with star effect and nobody wants to go there again!




Perfect portraits pleasantly present imperfect persons in pictures.

I have lost count of how many portraits we have done were the first thing out of a client's mouth was "I'm just not photogenic". The key to a great portrait is capturing what makes you you. You don't have to be a super model to have a great picture.

You may have just gotten engaged and can't wait to announce it to the world through you engagement shots. Or is your baby a senior in highschool already? How did time go so fast?  Maybe it's fall and time for those family pictures for your christmas cards. We are here to capture you perfectly while not breaking the bank.



This art is fine.

Glacier Preservation Project-Chaney-92.jpg

One of Seth's passions has always been the great outdoors. And one way that he is pursuing that project is through the Glacier Preservation Project. The Glacier Preservation Project is the best option we have left to preserve the 25 remaining glaciers of Glacier National Park. 

Because these Glacier are extremely remote the only way to reach them is to pull on those hiking boots and start walking. 15 mile days are not uncommon up some of the most extreme  terrane possible. It is a true labor of love to preserve for our children the thing we and previous generations have been able to enjoy in real life through photographs.



Commence to Commerce!

You want great pictures for your website and why not? After all it will be the first thing people see when they look you up. So why not put your best foot forward with great product shots?

Maybe it isn't about a product you are selling but all about what it is you do. We can help you with that too and we would love to partner with you.